Stadt Ehingen





Flüchtlingssozialdienst (Refugee Social Services)
for refugees in collective lodgings and in temporary accommodation

Landratsamt Alb-Donau-Kreis (District Administrative Office), Ehingen
Special service for refugees, social Services

Shared accommodation in Ehingen, Berkacher Straße: 07391 54696

Shared accommodation in Ehingen, Mühlweg: 07391 5875238

Allgemeiner Sozialer Dienst des Landkreises
(General District Community Service)
for refugees in subsequent accommodation and also authorised and tolerated refugees

Landratsamt Alb-Donau-Kreis (District Administrative Office), Ehingen

Department of Youth and Social Affairs

Sternplatz 5, 89584 Ehingen (Donau)

Phone 07391 779-0
Fax 07391 779-2466

Immigration counselling
for recognized refugees and quota refugees

12 to 27 years of Age

Internationaler Bund
Talstraße 21
89584 Ehingen (Donau)

Phone 07391 54813

From 27 years of age

Hehlestraße 2
89584 Ehingen (Donau)

Phone 07391 707311

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