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Looking for work

Recognition of foreign qualifications
IN VIA Recognition Counselling
Olgastraße 137
89073 Ulm
Phone 0731 206334

Advisory sessions take place in
Bürgerhaus Oberschaffnei
Schulgasse 21
89584 Ehingen

Agentur für Arbeit (Job Centre)
Winckelhoferstraße 3
89584 Ehingen
Phone 0800 4 5555 00 

Weitzmannstraße 2
89584 Ehingen
Phone 07391 7082-0

Handwerkskammer Ulm (Chamber of Crafts Ulm)
Olgastraße 72
89073 Ulm
Phone 0731 1425-8201

You can also find job vacancies advertised in the local daily and weekly newspapers and on various web portals, for example

Under certain conditions, you may find that arranging work experience in the occupational field you wish to enter or doing charity work will lead to employment. Be proactive - take the initiative and speak to private companies or public institutions!

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