Stadt Ehingen




Arrival in Ehingen

Registration in Ehingen:
Einwohnermeldeamt der Stadt Ehingen (Ehingen Town Registration Office)
Bürgerbüro (Citizens' Office)
Marktplatz 1
89584 Ehingen
Phone 07391 503-330

Persons temporarily accommodated as refugees in collective lodging quarters provided by the Landkreis (administrative district) are registered by the Refugee Social Services of the District Administrator's Office at the place of residence. All other individuals must register as a citizen of Ehingen in person within one week of arrival.

Residence permits:
Ausländerstelle der Stadt Ehingen (Foreigners' Registration Office)
Mr Schantel
Marktplatz 1
89584 Ehingen
Phone 07391 503-340

Voluntary interpreter service:
Voluntary interpreters offer their services if there is a problem with communication. Interpreters are allocated by the
office of the Local Agenda
Schulgasse 21
89584 Ehingen
Phone 07391 503-146


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Entry to Germany

The Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) provides information in various languages.
See the brochure "Welcome to Germany",