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Do you want to make friends and settle down in your new surroundings quickly?
Then all you need to do is take up the offers of the local clubs and societies or take part in a group that you are interested in.

Clubs and societies

There are many sports clubs, music societies and other associations in Ehingen. A list of these associations can be found here.

Migrant associations

Turkish-Islam Cultural Society/Mevlana Mosque
Siedlung 11 / 13
Phone 07391 52840

Greek community
Kollegiengasse 7
Mobile 0162 4117812

Croatian community
Am Wenzelstein 59
Phone 07391 7558824

Serbian friendship association
Am Wenzelstein 53
Phone 07391 52153

Italian cultural association
Allensteiner Straße 14
Phone 07391 52991

Aid organisations

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Ehingen (Voluntary Fire Service)
Alamannenstraße 2
Phone 07391 503 370

Technisches Hilfswerk THW (Federal Agency for Technical Relief)

Berkacher Straße 64
Phone 07391 22 12

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz DRK (German Red Cross)
Mühlweg 10
Phone 07391 8666 or 0179 9174650

Christian churches

Katholische Kirche (Catholic Church)
Kirchplatz 2
Phone 07391 8088

Evangelische Kirche Süd (Evangelical Church South)
Lindenstraße 25
Phone 07391 53462

Evangelische Kirche Nord (Evangelical Church North)
Adlerstraße 56
Phone 07391 53545

Neuapostolische Kirche Ehingen (New Apostolic Church Ehingen)

Schmiechgraben 10
Phone 07394 916-210

Evangelische Freikirche „Arche“ (Evangelical Free Church "Arche")
Heufelderstrasse 13
Phone 07356 1291

Local Agenda Ehingen

The Lokale Agenda Ehingen (Local Agenda) sees itself as a network for ideas, discussions and collective organisation. It offers open projects for all and the opportunity to get involved and make your own contributions.

The office is located in the Town Hall, Rathaus Ehingen, Marktplatz 1, 89584 Ehingen.
For further information, see the website


We cannot guarantee that the  list of associations and institutions provided above is
complete. It is intended to give you an overview of the many ways you can make contact with the
citizens of Ehingen.

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